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Investing in Conversational Automation | by Engati | Aug, 2021


The most remarkable transformation the digital revolution brought upon us is the need to collaborate. We saw hints of this back in 2006 with the release of Google Docs, which allowed users to write and collaborate in real-time.

As years passed and network speeds became faster, Cloud collaboration is now at an all-time high. It’s incredible what we can achieve when working together, learning together, and building together.

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for accelerated digital transformation. While one-stop solutions may be ideal for organizations, the ability to tap into multiple sources of expertise is what brings out the most impactful solutions.

We’re at our best when we collaborate, and with our partners, we aim to deliver a superior customer experience for their clients. Whether that’s ensuring conversational automation has been embedded within current workflows to enhance customer experiences, using Live Chat to forge better connections, or simply becoming a source for market feedback to improve organizational health. Collaborating through partnerships will always bring out the best for global businesses looking to invest in this space.

As a Platform, we believe this is the right time to up the ante on our collaboration model. And we’re stepping these efforts up with our newest partnership program, the Preferred Partnership model. Here’s how it works.

Time is of the essence, and with the highest-in-class conversational tools, you can unlock access to a broader market to maximize profits without compromising on customer experience.

Just as how our platform has created revenue streams during these unprecedented times, the Preferred partnership opportunity passes the baton for any solutions provider looking to build engaging conversational solutions in their respective domain.

Our platform has achieved triple-digit ROI gains for our current partners, which speaks volumes of the market growth. Tapping into our newest partner program might just be the big break you need.

Now, this isn’t just any ordinary program. It’s the beginning of a relationship between your business and Engati. Your success is our success, so we’re willing to support you and your business every step of the way.

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Here are a few ways Engati can benefit those in search of a good partner relationship.‍

1. Earn more revenue

In addition, the revenue from value-added services to clientele around bot-building and solutioning will also help bolster your revenue. We encourage partners to use and expand the platform’s development process to create additional revenue streams not mentioned above.

If need be, our team would be glad to help you set up a robust pricing strategy by incorporating our learnings and experiences in this space. With our support, you can now set up your clients with a trusted, customizable, and intuitive solution to run and grow their businesses.‍

2. Access to a broader market

We also provide marketing material to help you market product solutions to your customers on social media and other relevant channels where your customers meet.‍

3. Our leads, your customers

At Engati, we look to leverage this by passing relevant leads landing on our platform directly over to you to reap the benefits of having our leads as your customer.‍

4. Learn the way you want

You’ll also have a dedicated team of support to back you up as you start your journey with Engati. You can contact us through our dedicated support email and our website bot. Partner Support can help you navigate our Partner programs, resolve issues for your clients, and grow your Partner business.‍

5. Enhance your employee experience

However, with Engati, bot-builders no longer have to rack their brains with testing and debugging the platform. The low-code platform takes care of it, driving productivity to an all-time high while enhancing your employee experience.

Here are a few ways that we help partners and their employees to build better solutions.

  • Extensive integrations
    You can integrate Engati with your favorite tools and platforms. Ranging from native integrations like Google Calendar, Zapier, Salesforce, etc., to custom integrations, like Basic JSON API nodes, advanced JSON, and the Cloud2Enterprise Bridge for flexible deployment.
  • User-friendly platform
    The Engati platform checks all of the boxes of being easy to use and interact with and responding in a human-like fashion with automated training, FAQ improvement, contextual responses, and more.With our state-of-the-art proprietary NLP Engine, Engati chatbots automatically improve with each response so that your teams don’t have to keep an eye on them. The DocuSense technology and enhanced sentiment analysis capabilities empower your chatbot to make complex decisions without human assistance.
  • 14 deployment channels
    Engati can serve your customers on their preferred channel. You can deploy the solution over 14 channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.
  • Support for over 50 languages
    With only 25% of netizens understanding English, you can enable multilingual conversations with Engati’s NLP. We’ve equipped the NLP Engine to communicate in over 50+ languages, including Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hebrew.

And many more… Click here to learn more about Engati’s defining features.‍

6. Your insights shape our platform

We look forward to building a forum for our partners to regularly check in with the partnership team to make your journey with Engati as seamless as possible. Your feedback and learnings from using the platform will enable us to align our product with the voice of your customers.‍

You set the pace of your deployment- the sooner you share these details, the faster it is for us to get you started and reap the rewards of our platform. We’ve seen some of our clients set up their partner portal and build solutions for clients in less than 2 days! It’s that simple.

So, are you ready to partner up and experience what Engati’s Preferred Partnership program can do for you? Click here to learn more.

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