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In India, Every Year Over 100 Million Smartphones Are Being Sold. Smartphones Are Playing A Critical Role In Providing Access To Technology and Internet Across India, There Is Demand For Cheaper Smartphones and Large MNCS Which Produces Smartphones Know That India Is A Hot Market and Those Companies Are Investing Billions Of Dollars To Capture The Market Of India. The Indian Smartphone Market Has Become One Of The Most Competitive Smartphone Market Across The World, and This Competitiveness Has Benefited The Consumer’s The Most.

Intense Competition Has Led To More and More Choices To The Consumer, There Are Now 10 Companies With Each Offering 5–6 Smartphone Series In Just One Price Range. We, The Consumers Have An Endless Number Of Choices and It’s Very Helpful To Us.

While This Intense Competition At Each Price Range Has Given Us An Endless Number Of Choices, It Has Left Confused, Very Confused. With So Many Choices In Each Specific Price Range, Which Phone Should We Buy? What Kind Of Phone Do I Buy? How Important Is The Processor? What Is HDR and Why Do I Need That? Which Phone Is Perfect For Me? How Is This Phone Better Than The Other? Which Phone Company Gives Good If Not The Best Customer Service?.

This Competition Has Led Us To Be Very Confused About The Purchasing Decision Of Smartphones and Even When We Purchase The Smartphone, Due To FOMO Or Someone Else Buying A Better Phone, We Buy Another Phone In 6–8 Months, These Days Smartphones Have Become Social Value As Well, Which Made The Purchase Decision Even Worse. This Has Resulted With Millions Of Users Wasting So Much Money and Time and Has Become A Burden In Their Life. A Solution Is Required and It’s Required Now, Especially During A Pandemic Where Everyone Has Gone Online and We Need A Solution and We Need It Now. Is A CaaS (ChatBot As A Service) Company Which Has Created The Solution. Has Launched A Product Called TechBot Which Is An AI Personal Chatbot Assistant Which Will Try To Understand You As A Consumer and Recommend A Smartphone At The Price You Want. The Recommendation System Will Recommend A Phone Which You Can Use For 3–4 Years. TechBot Will Have The Ability To Review Any Smartphone You Want To Buy, Eg: You Are Thinking Of Buying iPhone 12, You Can Ask ANC(Name Of TechBot) To Review iPhone 12, It’ll Give You The Review Of iPhone 12. Will Not Take Any Money From Smartphone, Retail Or E-Commerce Companies To Recommend A Phone. We, Will, Make Our Money Via Ads and Nothing The Else. Will Guarantee That We Will Recommend A Phone With Honesty and Integrity and We Will Make Sure That You Will Have A Great Experience. Will Provide The Access To TechBot In Social Media Platforms, You’ll Be Able To Access TechBot In Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Slack, Telegram and Whatsapp. We Will Focus On Providing Access Of TechBot To As Many Users As We Can. TechBot Will Be Available In September and I Hope You’ll Have A Great Experience.

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