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AI saves human lives | Born Digital

Born Digital s.r.o.

There are various ideas about what artificial intelligence is capable of and how people can use it for their good. In connection with the term “AI,” people often imagine a variety of abstract IT industries. Some even see AI as a potential threat to the future of humankind. But the opposite is closer to the truth so far since artificial intelligence quickly advances in protecting the safety and health of humans.

Well-programmed AI can take good care of any living things (source:

A robot firefighter? Not quite

Czech startup Born Digital, which focuses on digitizing human conversation and develops voice and chat assistants armed with artificial intelligence, is one of the subjects involved in developing new voice technology to assist firefighters when their human operators are overloaded.

There is no such robot on an emergency line, yet there still is an artificial intelligence (source:

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Quickly and without misunderstandings

The Voice assistant already recognizes official Czech Republic addresses from the speech. The great advantage of artificial intelligence is its speed, with which it manages to check if the specified address exists. For example, if a caller from Brno reports a fire in Barunčina Street, the system quickly recognizes that there is no such street in the city, and asks another question regarding the address. On the contrary, for a caller from Prague, where Barunčina Street exists, the voicebot only makes sure with a confirmation question.

In the future, AI will be a common part of firefighters equipment (source:

Artificial intelligence vs. fire

The Czech digital voice assistant is unique, but there are more AI solutions to assist firefighters around the globe. In the USA, under the supervision of NASA, the Digital Assistant AUDREY (The Assistant for Understanding Data through Reasoning, Extraction, and sYnthesis) is also gaining shape. His task will be to help those firefighters who are already in action at the scene of the fire.

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