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Facebook launched Portable Portal Go and Portal plus smart displays | by Tapaan Chauhan | Oct, 2021

Tapaan Chauhan

Facebook recently announced the launching of their best two smart speakers, the portal Go and Portal plus to make your video chatting experience better. With advanced features and technology, these devices will make going to set another milestone in the market of smart displays.

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This smart speaker with 5 hours of battery longevity offers users to carry this without dragging power adapters always.

Its’ smart 12mp camera with ultra-wide view uses special artificial intelligence which keeps panning and zooming automatically no matter where you take the conversation. So you don’t have to worry about turning the screen while doing any work. Also its’ 10.1” HD adaptive screen with 800*1280 resolution matches any color according to the lighting of a room.

While taking about smart sound, portal Go with 4-mic array uses artificial intelligence with to eliminate any background noise and enhance the voice of the speaker. Also there are two 5w full range audio drivers along with one 20w woofer to make bass quality much higher.

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This new version almost have same features with little up gradation with 14 inch screen and 131 degree wider FOV for minimal tilt. Also it has now increased their display resolution to 2160*1440.

However talking about movement , with the previous version users could only twist the screen by 90 degrees, but using this updated version they can tilt the screen up and down.

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