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10 Reasons No-Code AI Chatbot Is Going to Be Big in 2022 | by Ashok Sharma | Aug, 2021

Ashok Sharma

A conversational platform strategy not only entices customers but also ensures an effective solution for employees and partners. Everyone is aware that Chatbots use artificial intelligence to impersonate human conversations.

With time, the technology has updated, and it now offers advanced solutions with improved AI-enabled language capabilities. By the year 2022, more than 70% of skilled workers will interact on these platforms daily. AI Chatbots in business is the smartest way to interact with customers.

Companies today look at customer satisfaction as a crucial element in conversational AI technology that assumes importance in a skilled manner. As a result, chatbots are a viable adoption to AI, and more than 40% of millennials use chatbots to connect to different businesses.

But for startups, the implementation of conversational AI can be complex, so it’s better to start with the no-code AI technology. No code space chatbots platforms empower the sections to take innovation and software development into their own hands.

Today, the future of coding is no coding — that is the new buzz phrase in chatbot technology. When demand for software exceeds the coders, no code technology is adapting to software developer skill shortage. A Forrester report predicts that no code AI technology will grow from 3.8 billion in 2017 to 21.2 billion in 2022.

Google has also jumped on the wagon by acquiring the technology on its Google Cloud platform. It proves that the potential of no code works as a mainstream solution for software development and Chatbot technology.

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In this article, we will explore why your business software should take advantage of no-code Chatbot technology. By doing so, you will be able to make a feasible decision about whether to implement and integrate the technology.

What is No code AI Chatbot technology?

About 40% of companies state that AI Chatbot technology and expertise are expensive. No code AI solutions help make the technology accessible and available at a low cost. It aims at using a no-code development platform with code-free features, visual elements, and a drag & drop interface.

With the help of the features, you can deploy Machine Learning models with Artificial Intelligence. It allows non-technical users to classify the data and build accurate models that help make predictions in the process. The business adoption for no code Chatbot AI is implemented based on the demand.

Why should you use No-code AI for business?

Building AI models requires training and time. But no code AI reduces the time to build the AI models and enables companies to adopt and integrate with other technologies.

No-code AI solutions have not replaced the data science methods or the popular machine learning technology, but the popularity has increased with time. With the increase and flexibility in new solutions, widespread integration helps to adapt the technology.

No coding technology for chatbots needs to be adopted at a faster pace for good results. On the contrary, it reduces the entry barriers for startups and established companies. So let’s dive into the reasons why this technology is going to be big in 2022.

10 Reasons No-Code AI Chatbot Is Going to Be Big in 2022:

  • Flexible to accommodate different industry demands
  • Reduces complexity of IT operations
  • Increased productivity
  • Changeable codes
  • Transition process is smooth
  • Address the developer skills gap
  • Better tactical alignment
  • Improved business agility
  • Strengthens customer support
  • Increased security function

1. Flexible to accommodate different industry demands

No code platform features are easy to understand compared to the coding features in AI technology. They are flexible, making them practical to implement in any organization that wishes to incorporate chatbot technology.

For example, Chatbots integrated with insurance companies will increase the reach and adaptability. In addition, technology has the powerful ability to impact working and organization to increase the engagement level.

It helps the company to expand geographically and reach potential customers. From payment service providers to railway service operators, no code AI Chatbots empowers every sector at a low cost, which is an advantage.

2. Reduces complexity of IT operations

No code platform reduces the strain of IT development. You don’t need to create an app for multiple platforms, as you can make an app while regulating the governance. As a result, you can accelerate digital innovation and transformation by relying on no-code technology and reducing dependency on technical developers.

You can skip the hiring of expensive full-stack developers and escape the route from the debts. Companies can rely on their in-house IT team to do the job with no coding AI solutions. Reduction in complexity of developing a platform helps companies focus on other essential functions.

3. Increased productivity

The applications that are built on no-code technology don’t burden the IT team. They can make the apps at a faster pace without hesitation, without taking weeks or even months. Most IT teams work on the app in few hours, as there is no coding feature.

It helps increase employee productivity so they can work skillfully on other IT tasks. Compared to the traditional app-building ways, the no-code platform reduces the hand-coding of various languages and minimizes the risk involved. With the technology, you will witness increased IT output from your team.

4. Changeable codes

Developers who work with codes face a lot of issues while changing the code structure. The problem with traditional coding is; you can’t change the functionality or the feature within the code structure. It happens more if the language or the framework is new.

With no code AI technology, you won’t have this issue. You will be able to change codes or with different functions. If you need to change something, implement a new logic structure in the code and process it. You will have the change ready in minutes or a few hours. Changeable codes can save your coding efforts.

5. Transition process is smooth

The benefits of the no-code AI platform depend on the speed. Building a bot for email only takes a couple of different steps. First, it includes synchronization and integration of emails from the CRM platforms or Microsoft software.

Once you upload your emails with the labels in the no-code platform, AI will construct the machine learning (ML) structure and connect to Outlook or other platforms via the exchange services. Once your step is complete, the email assistance will be ready to accept the correspondence. You can enhance the bot feature to boost the automation feature at a later stage.

6. Address the developer skills gap

Complex technology is being distilled into simple structures, which is bridging the gap between development and result. With a no-code platform, you don’t need to hire the best software developer in the company.

More prominent companies are taking advantage of the platform by targeting the implementation in IT operations alongside the basic features. The software can help you converse with your customers without spending elusive money on development tasks. No code AI development market is expanding rapidly, and by 2022, most companies will implement the technology.

7. Better tactical alignment

The technology provides a closer alignment between different Chatbot outputs and business requirements. All the traditional needs get lost between communication and technology. Chatbot developments without the need for coding enable cross-functional participation.

It ensures that the end product aligns with the client’s expectations. Business users with deep domain proficiency can define different bots without explaining the ideas to customers or others. The tactical alignment results in a better outcome that enables a better technical foundation for the company.

8. Improved business agility

Using the no-code AI technology, you can develop chatbots faster than using the traditional coding structure. The conventional methods require the coding to be done from scratch, but within no-code spaces, almost all building blocks are available at the same place. As a result, the focus can go on the chat features than on time-consuming core functions.

Your IT team will not focus on the basic features; they can rely on the advantage of a ready structure that helps in the smooth functioning of the app. It guarantees complete compliance without focusing on multiple levels. Furthermore, with this platform, you can monitor all the modifications you make to the app.

9. Strengthens customer support

Scalable Chatbot platforms across multiple channels understand different languages and engage with potential customers in a human-like manner. No-code platforms are accessible, and professionals and Non-IT professionals can work on the platform to increase customer retention. Customer retention improved by a mere 5% can raise profits considerably.

As customer demand is ever-evolving, the chabot feature strengthens the customer support function. It offers a smoother and more credible experience for clients and people who show interest in products. In addition, the smart solutions enable 24/7 customer care features.

10. Increased security function

Another reason — you must deploy no code Chatbot is security. With the latest updates and enhancements in IT developments, the threats are getting severe. Most websites and applications are vulnerable to security threats, which cause loss of data.

Poorly coded chatbot features can make the business vulnerable to different hacks and attacks. Codes developed in isolation or with specific structures can leave businesses more susceptible. Platforms and companies that adopt Chatbots without coding ensure proper security as there is no threat to structure.

Final recap,

Customer engagement is hard to achieve. A chatbot is an essential tool for business communication and customer support. Chatbots are complex to build, as the developer has to use ML and AI algorithms with the data to create Chatbots and apps. Any mistake in the structure or code can have a catastrophic effect on the app solution.

No code AI Chatbot platform can provide accurate implementation without building a bot from the start. More than 57% of companies use no-code chatbot platforms for business, and the numbers will scale higher in the coming years. The trend is going upwards, and it is time you reap the benefits of the technology for your business.

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