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How to test chatbots in Rasa framework? | by Joanna Trojak | Feb, 2021

rasa data validate
rasa test

1. Case Study: Building Appointment Booking Chatbot

2. IBM Watson Assistant provides better intent classification than other commercial products according to published study

3. Testing Conversational AI

4. How intelligent and automated conversational systems are driving B2C revenue and growth.

rasa data split nlu
rasa test nlu--nlu train_test_split/test_data.yml
rasa test nlu--nlu data/nlu.yml--cross-validation
rasa test core --stories test_stories.yml --out results
rasa train core -c config_1.yml config_2.yml 
--out comparison_models --runs 3 --percentages 0 5 25 50 70 95

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