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Chatbots Powered by Conversational AI for Enterprises | by Nuacem AI | Jul, 2021

Nuacem AI
Conversational AI for Enterprises

Chatbot space is diverse and there is a huge list of chatbots that are being used in various areas. Recently, Enterprise chatbots are picking up popularity and are the newest AI chatbot that is receiving wide attention.

Till now, you might have heard about AI chatbots for customer service that responds to users’ queries and routes requests to agents.

Think the same but replace the customers with employees of an organization and you basically would get an enterprise chatbot.

There are a lot of advantages for enterprise chatbots, but there are many challenges too. In this Guide, let us discuss all the important aspects of Conversational AI Chatbots for an enterprise.

We start with a brief discussion of what chatbots are and how they work, then understand clearly what enterprise chatbots are. We understand their use cases with an enterprise and see how advantageous it is to use enterprise chatbots.

Then, we will look into some challenges of using it, and finally understand how easily you can equip yourself with an enterprise chatbot. Also, we will see what you need to see on a chatbot platform.

When you see chatbot definition, it looks something like this: Chatbots are software that can understand human language. Lets people interact with businesses on their digital assets like websites, apps or social media channels in their natural language through various communication channels.

Chatbots use three natural language techniques: Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and Natural Language Generation. The intents of these technologies are evident in their names.

An intelligent chatbot correctly identifies context and intent of an user and based on things it already learned from user’s big data, they fill in additional information and clues for solving particular problem.

Also, chatbots are now able to understand and interact in many languages and can be localized easily.

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Enterprises need AI chatbot technology for many reasons. Just as a customer needs information quickly and easily, employees of an enterprise too would have certain needs for their queries or performing certain tasks.

An enterprise chatbot can take questions posed by employees and after recognition of the user’s (i.e, employees) intent, it can take appropriate action.

This shows that there is a significant degree of similarity between use cases of customers and those of employees for chatbots. Let us see some of use cases of Enterprise chatbot applications:

General Requests and inquiries

Employees would have a wide range of queries like they might want to check their allowances, reimbursements, and policies. Instead of referring through many documents themselves or asking others, employees could quickly reach out to chatbot.


Conversational AI solutions can be extremely helpful in suggesting basic solutions for any problem and if not yet solved, raise a ticket request and send it automatically.

Intranet search Chatbots

There would be many files on the intranet and if a particular employee needs to find a specific file, instead of going through all the files and searching manually, they can just ask the chatbot.

Chatbot then uses intelligent natural language techniques to fetch data from the intranet and present them to employees.

Business Intelligence

Chatbots can have access to data reports and your employees could ask for any data regarding the organization and within their bounds, they could get all information in multiple formats.

These are only some general use cases. On the basis of your organization, there would be a lot more use cases for an enterprise chatbot.

Just as use cases overlap, benefits also overlap between general customer chatbots and enterprise chatbots. Let us see some of important benefits of implementing enterprise chatbots:

Easily answer FAQs

Chatbots can understand questions easily and can give fast and more accurate answers to them than a search engine.

Decrease time taken for solving problems

Chatbots work pretty fast and they can finish requests of employees within seconds. If required, they can also rope in experts within an organization for solving problems.

Works all time

A conversational AI solution can work consistently throughout all times a year and as such your employees won’t experience any downtime and even a slight delay in getting their concerns addressed.

Increased Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

With all their Concern queries satisfied and work quickly done, employees would be more productive and ultimately this will improve their satisfaction.

One of the main problems with implementing chatbot is to design it. What must it do? There must be a well-thought answer for these problems which probably involve multiple chatbots for multiple use cases.

As chatbots would have access to critical business information both in data and policies, its security is also a serious concern.

Another important challenge for having an NLP chatbot is its cost. Though many solutions are available relatively cheap, certain sophisticated solutions could take up a lot and be more costly than it actually saves.

It is certainly true that the underlying technology of chatbots is incredibly complex and hard to build from scratch. The challenges which we mentioned make it even harder.

There are a lot of open-source chatbot frameworks that make chatbot development easier. However, developing enterprise chatbots that address all use cases and concerns is still not an easy task.

Fortunately, there are a lot of organizations that provide customized chatbot solutions that are tailored to specific use cases and also can be built within minutes! If the kind of chatbots offered by the chatbot platform can align with your needs and budget, you can quickly go for them.

Harnessing the power of natural language processing and natural language understanding technologies, plus armed with big data analytics, they can solve numerous problems and perform a lot of tasks.

Just as they have been helping end customers throughout the years, they can help employees in an enterprise if they are correctly designed and implemented. If you have not yet considered including chatbots, then this is high time to use them!

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