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Alexa Becomes a Chatbot — You Can Talk to Alexa by Typing | by Tapaan Chauhan | Oct, 2021

Tapaan Chauhan

Alexa is formally a chatbot. Recently, Amazon started revealing another component on iOS that empowers clients to type their solicitations to Alexa and see reactions on the screen. This is one more update Amazon has made for the current year in its Alexa versatile application as the organization endeavors to broaden the voice partner’s utility past the home. Numerous clients will likewise invite it as significant accommodation since Alexa administrations will presently be accessible without making a sound. Others will ask why a chatbot is a fundamental update.

In July, the organization redesigned the portable application to make Alexa more unmistakable and empower voice partner access through cell phones. Before this update, the application’s plan was centered more around arranging gadgets and controlling client settings. This move was gone before by empowering wake word enactment for Alexa while utilizing the portable application. Clients expected to tap the Alexa symbol before this opportunity to get to the partner.


Amazon has not rolled the messaging cooperation highlight out entirely yet. You can discover it by going into the Alexa application and looking down at the declaration cards on the off chance that you approach. This is the place where Amazon regularly advances new usefulness.

There is a card with a picture that says, “Presently, you can type with Alexa.” Click the “Attempt Now” catch, and it will place you into a commonplace chatbot design with Alexa talking on the left and your reactions on the right.

Alexa begins the discussion with a disclaimer that the component is under review. The clock highlight functions as you would anticipate. It even gives you a top-of-the-application standard warning when your clock is done, notwithstanding the perceptible notice. It creates the impression that all connections, including media playback, will work through the new usefulness application.

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