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Top 5 chatbots for workflow management and process automation | by Team Quickwork | Oct, 2021

Team Quickwork

Have you made any recent flight bookings from any leading travel site? If yes, after booking, you might have received a confirmation and ticket to your WhatsApp from the area along with the number and details which a chat application bot is doing!

Interesting, isn’t it? This is how businesses simplify their workflows using chatbots without human intervention at every step of the process.

Does your business rely mainly on communication and collaboration?

How about using the messaging platforms or chatbots to accelerate the workflows?

The messaging and collaboration platforms have become one of the key accelerators for productivity within the teams. If most of the activities in your business are collaborative, you need simple apps built with a top messaging framework. Here are the top 5 best chatbots that boost workflow management and process automation to the next level.

The conversational AI bots can mimic human conversations almost accurately and engage with people without pre-scripted responses. By using Artificial intelligence, processing, and technology, these Chatbots can make personalized and contextual conversations.


With Quickwork Conversations, you can build multi-channel communication in mind and connect with any messaging platform like a pro. It manages the discussions for the businesses and helps in making a better customer journey.

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By using the Chatbots in the customer service department of your business, the bots can help you with a wide array of tasks. From self-service to answering a set of questions, they can answer it right without the need for human intervention.

Some examples of customer service chatbots

Welcome Bots: Not all customers are comfortable initiating the conversation so that a proactive bot can set you apart.

Resolution Bots: this kind of bot can resolve over 80% of the customer queries quick and fast

Online Ecommerce is like an ocean where you can find a sea of pages, crosslinks, and more. The Ecommerce Chatbots streamlines the procs for customers and provides a great shopping experience. Here are some types of Chatbots that can employ Ecommerce service bots.


Sales bots — The bots that automate the sales and the conversations related to the sales processes like providing price lists and executing the sales. It helps to boost your revenue and improve the sales strategy and approach.

Billing bots –The billing process is tedious, and several monotonous tasks are involved in the billing process, which is exhausting to the sales teams. A billing bot can replace your team in this process.

The lead generation tools are not new, as they have been employed for years by the marketing people. Now, even the Chatbots are capturing and nurturing the leads. They can be more proactive, trigger based on the conversations.


Conversation bots — The Chatbots establish the conversations in the most precise manner and helps in capturing and communicating with the leads.

Customers are not interested in filling the surveys and answering all the questions online. Deploying Chatbots to capture your customer data and surveys from the people is the intelligent approach today, and it nestles the questions without a conversation.

Feedback bots — If a customer purchases some goods from your website, a feedback survey can help you improve the customer service and experience. These bots can make a survey process less tedious compared to manual ones. The bots interact with the customers in real-time and help businesses seamlessly capture the feedback.

The above top five chatbots are the best type of bots that can improve your operational efficiency, workflow management and helps in automating your complex tasks.

If you want to build chatbot journeys and integrate multiple applications using the best workflow automation platform, Quickwork is the best choice. Start building your first automation journey with Quickwork today!

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