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New Alexa Care Hub Keeps a Remote Eye on Older Relatives | by Tapaan Chauhan | Dec, 2020

Once Care Hub is set up, you’ll be able to access a feed of all your loved ones’ interactions with an Echo device or other connected smart home device. This lets you know what they’re doing and what room of the home they’re in. You can also set up a feature to alert you if no activity is detected by a particular time of day. When people are separated for safety reasons, the Care Hub is an excellent option for staying connected that allows you to check in on loved ones without violating their privacy. While the Care Hub isn’t the same as seeing someone in person, it can provide peace of mind when you have elderly parents or relatives that live alone.

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This isn’t Amazon’s first foray into the world of health-focused devices. The company has introduced multiple connected products like the Halo, a fitness tracking band. Amazon also purchased PillPack in 2018 and has a slew of Alexa Skills focused on providing telemedicine to people at home.

Alexa, combined with smart bulbs and other smart home devices, makes living alone much safer for the elderly. Rather than wandering through a darkened room to find the light switch, all your loved one has to do is ask Alexa to turn on the lights. While Alexa still can’t call 911, the ability to call a trusted contact for help is one step closer in the right direction. Thanks to Care Hub, you can help those you love even if you are far away.

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