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Guide to How you can turn on and use Google Assistant Continued Conversation | by Tapaan Chauhan | Nov, 2021

Tapaan Chauhan

Sometimes it feels so awkward to talk to Google assistant because of its weird robotic voice. But with the recent improvement with Google’s continued conversation feature things are getting better.

With this new feature you don’t have to always command with ‘hey Google/ ok Google’ in every sentence. You can just now follow-up ask or command questions without mentioning ‘hey Google’. For instance, you can easily say “hey Google, set an alarm for tomorrow 7am” and add “also check my upcoming events too” this flow makes this communication more alive.

However, it can’t get enabled automatically. You need to go through some simple steps to enable it. Let’s get straight to how you can enable Google assistant continued conversation.

  1. Install the Google assistant app and open it.
  2. In the top right side tap your account profile.
  3. Click assistant settings.
  4. Click continued conversation.
  5. By toggling the continued conversation, turn it on.

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And you are done, no need to repeat ‘Hey, Google’ all the time. After you are done with enabling the test by commanding multiple questions like “hey, Google remind me to attend the class tomorrow and also set an alarm for Monday’s meeting.”

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