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Which 3 Chatbot Types Are Difficult And Complex To Use? | by Alishba Memon | Mar, 2021

Alishba Memon

The bot forms with the highest complexity will be the most difficult to satisfy because they will have a user interface, which is undoubtedly the most difficult to satisfy all types of customers. These chatbot types might not be easy enough to access but they surely give results.

However, there are three chatbot types in this bot types division. Take a look at what they are all about;

A response/selected button leads the user down a specific path by providing a predetermined set of options for the final answer or task.

Source: Botsify

However, button-based chatbots are ineffective in more complex situations where there are too many variables or it is difficult to predict how to elicit specific responses from users.

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For example, a contextual chatbot for burger orders may save a client’s data from each conversation. The customer’s most recent order, delivery address, and payment information will be remembered the next time they use the app. The bot would then ask if the client wanted to repeat the order. Instead of typing and answering several questions, the customer just needs to respond with a simple “Yes”.

Contextual bots, for example, will listen to what users say or type. They use customizable keywords and AI to determine how to answer appropriately. In 2021, creating chatbots that can recognize keywords and respond to buttons will be common. Users may begin by asking their questions explicitly. The user can use the chatbot’s menu buttons if the result is inadequate or if they need some input.

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