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The THINKA homekit Z-wave hub expands your apple smart home arsenal | by Tapaan Chauhan | Oct, 2021

Tapaan Chauhan

Smart Home technology company Thinka has launched the world’s first Apple Homekit-certified Z-wave controller which is specially designed for users who use Homekit as their home automation platform. With their new Z-wave hub users can have access to more products, functionalities, apps and automations such as geofencing and adaptive lighting. Looking over the fastest growing wireless smart home consumer market Z-wave now has secured its place as the new worldwide market leader in the wireless home automation industry.

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  • Overview and functionalities

By choosing z-wave as a protocol a whole new suite of smart devices is now available to homekit users via this new hub. And connecting this Z-wave controller to Apple homekit system enables instant access to over 3,300 smart home devices such as smart switches, doorbells, speakers, smart sensors and more from various 600 brands. Thanks to the new Homebridge, you can control all these products in the Home app with Thinka controller which is also compatible with Google assistance, siri, and Amazon alexa.

The largest product range of Z-wave connects each other seamlessly and Z-wave’s protocol can expand to a wide range from the basement to the furthest corner of your house.

One of the most important functionalities of this new Z-wave is it doesn’t require WI-FI and Bluetooth which makes it super interference resistant. Being enough energy efficient, this z-wave controller’s batteries can last up to 10 years. So with the connectivity to Homekit things are set to become a lot easier.

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