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Guide to How you can use Google Home and Assistant as a smart alarm clock | by Tapaan Chauhan | Oct, 2021

Tapaan Chauhan

Did you know that your Google Assistant can work as an excellent smart alarm to make your day better? It can make you awake with your favorite music, radio or news. Additionally you can set morning and night time routines by pairing alarm with your playlists. It absolutely doesn’t matter which model of Google assistant smart speaker You are using, you can make it work with any of them. So let’s get straight to how you can use Google Home and Assistant as a smart alarm clock.

Do not worry about facing any complex steps as you can just command and get your things done. So if you want to set a one time Alarm then just ask “hello Google set an alarm for tomorrow 8.00 am.” After this as a confirmation assistant will confirm the time with you. Also if you are willing to remember an alarm as event then name your alarm saying “ hello Google, set an alarm for 3 pm, named “pack your bags”. In case if you want to cancel any of your alarm just ask “hey Google cancel the alarm for 6am”. Similarly if you want to delete all of your alarm just command “hey Google cancel all the alarms”. If you want to stop playing alarm just command “hey Google, stop”. So just some simple commands and you are all set to enjoy Google assistant as your smart alarm.

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So if you want to wake up with your favorite soothing music or song Google Assistant is also there for you to make it happen. Just command “hey google set an alarm for 8am playing song (the song you want to play)” or “hello Google Play a music alarm for morning 6am.” Also if you are in a meditation mood then just ask “hey Google Play a soothing sound” or to put your kids asleep ask Google to play a Lullaby or tell a story.

So all you need to do is just command and Google will make it happen.

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