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Alexa Smart properties bringing new tools for health care communities | by Tapaan Chauhan | Nov, 2021

Tapaan Chauhan

Amazon reveals two new programs bringing Alexa to hospitals and senior living communities. This new solution by Alexa smart home properties will allow users to stay connected, Communicated and entertained.

Amazon Alexa smart properties have created these new solutions to make managing system in hospitals more easy and effective via Alexa devices. “We believe the intuitive and accessible nature of voice and Alexa has the potential to help and delight customers in many scenarios, in and outside of the home,” “We’re excited to extend the experiences customers already love to senior living communities and healthcare systems, and give providers new ways to save time and personalize care for their patients and residents.” Amazon stated in a blogpost.

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It also allows patients and guests to use Echo devices in their rooms and additionally, patients can connect with their family and loved ones anytime they want. Also, If they want to connect with any of hospital stuffs to make any kind of inquiry about menus and medicines they just need to ask Alexa to connect with them. With the drop in features staff’s work will be a lot easy as they will be able to check on patients remotely. So it will bring an evolution in this field of hospital management.

However, Amazon isn’t the alone to implement such tools, K4Connect also integrated it’s software recently with Amazon Echo Show smart display for living communities.

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