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8 Essentials Tips for Writing a Chatbot Script That Gets Results | by Emily Henry | Aug, 2021

Emily Henry

More and more businesses, websites, and social media pages are using chatbots each and every day, and more customers are expecting them when interacting with businesses and trying to figure out whatever it is they want to know. With this in mind, one of the worst things you can do is to offer a low-quality chatbot that creates more problems than solving them.

In this guide, we aim to provide you with the need-to-know tips that will help you script and write out the perfect chatbot that your customers and potential customers are going to love. Let’s get right into it.

From the moment the chatbot opens, you need to start working on a positive experience, and this means leading with introductions. The easy way to do this is to write something like;

Hey there, <username pulled from social page>

I’m BusinessBot, and I’m here to help with whatever you need. Say Hello in chat to see options, or click an option below if you know what you’re looking for. Let’s get things started!”

As you can see, this introduction starts the interaction off strong and positively begins solving whatever problem someone has come to your page to solve.

You know when you call up a telephone helpline, and you’re told to choose the options to direct you to the right department, but the options are confusing and don’t really help you find where you want to go? You don’t want that to happen with people using your chatbot, so make sure you’re making special efforts to be precise and lead people to where they want to go.

This might take a little bit of trial and error as people come to you with various queries that you may not have expected, but be proactive in addressing issues, getting feedback and fixing issues, and you’ll be able to guide your users exactly to where they need to be as quickly as possible. The more efficient your chatbot experience, the happier your customers will be!

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“However you’re typing your chatbot, you need to ensure the language you’re using is in touch with the rest of your brand. For example, is your brand professional and formal or casual and informal? What kind of language and writing style should you be using to reflect this? This is something you need to consider before you even start writing so your text will remain consistent throughout,” shares Mark Taylor, a writer at Ukservicesreviews and Simplegrad.

Remember, customers are used to talking conversationally in chatbot-styled text boxes, so continue this on with your chatbot in order to resonate most effectively with your customers.

“There’s no point trying to cover every basis with your chatbot options because this is only going to make your bot confusing and hard to navigate and understand. Instead, you need to make sure your bot options are purposeful and have a goal, which means taking the time to define your goals,” explains Marie Harper, a scriptwriter at Studydemic and Assignment Services.

Are you trying to solve your customer’s problems, make sales, educate and inspire, or inform? Of course, you might have the goal to do all of these, but making your priorities clear in your head will massively help when it comes to structuring your chatbot while ensuring the experience is as smooth as possible.

This point should go without saying, but it’s incredible to see how many businesses let this simple point slip through the cracks. After writing your content and before you go live, you must absolutely make sure that you’re proofreading your work so it’s free from errors.

Any spelling mistakes, grammar errors, or typos are going to stick out of your content like a sore thumb, and it just looks unprofessional, makes your business lose credibility, and overall lessens the quality of your chatbot experience. The fewer mistakes, the better!

Emily Henry is a tech writer at Best Essay Writing Services and Student Writing Services. She writes about Chatbot and aims to help businesses make the most of their modern online opportunities. Emily is also an editor at Assignment writing services reviews.

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