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10 Top Growth Marketing Articles of 2020 by MobileMonkey

Finally, 2020 is coming to a close. I mean let’s face it, 2020 isn’t a “Top 10” kind of year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the 10 top growth marketing articles of 2020, right?

And like most things we do at MobileMonkey, we used one of our favorite marketing tools to decide which of our 300+ new articles created in 2020 would make the list. To break it down, we used a combination score made up of both the number of social media shares an article received, plus the number of backlinks that were gained by each article.

Luckily, we were quite pleased with the articles that made the list. So, let’s jump right in. Here are MobileMonkey’s 10 top growth marketing articles of 2020!


You can use the following links to skip to the top growth marketing articles that pique your interest:

  1. Top 7 Chat Marketing Tactics of 2020: How to Use Live Chat, SMS, and Messenger for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support.
  2. 7 Direct Response Marketing Examples to Instantly Drive Engagement & Sales.
  3. 20 Best Lead Generation Tools for Growth Marketers in 2021.
  4. 14 Instagram Marketing Tips from the Best Digital Agencies.
  5. 3 Money-Making Tactics for Selling with Chatbots: How to Sell Products Online Using Chatbots.
  6. 10 Tactics Guaranteed to Increase Engagement on Facebook.
  7. 11 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Agencies to Impress Clients & Differentiate Your Agency.
  8. 60 SMS Marketing Statistics That Will Change Your Mind About Text Message Marketing.
  9. 5 Digital Marketing Agency Growth Hacks & 4 Ways to Reduce Customer Churn.
  10. How To Create a High-Converting Messenger Greeting for Your Facebook Page.
chat marketing tactics

Let’s get tacticle with our first of 10 top growth marketing articles of 2020!

50% of customers would rather communicate with a business using messaging than email. 

75% of your customers would rather use web chat and text instead of calling a service provider. 

Messaging is more widely and frequently used than even social media. Yet less than 1% of businesses have the tools to automatically stay in touch with customers in messaging.

Businesses that are using messaging are able to reach customers across all interactions and touchpoints to get real work done.

So what’s a growth marketer to do in 2020 and beyond? 

Well, you can start here, with the top 7 chat marketing tactics of 2020!

Direct Response Marketing

Many people ask what the difference is between brand marketing and direct response marketing.

And the reason for that is when most people think of advertising, they think of massive campaigns by brands like Nike, Microsoft, or Starbucks. Those campaigns are very creative, emotional, and larger than life. Most of all, those brands pull customers in and leave a lasting impression.

If that’s your idea of marketing, as a small business, it can be a bit overwhelming.

So, instead of trying to take on the big brands, you need a different approach. You need to create marketing that drives action today.

Instantly drive engagement and sales with these 7 direct response marketing examples.

Lead Generation Tools

The best lead generation tools make it easy to capture quality leads with as little manual outreach and follow-ups as possible. However, building a scalable lead generation machine is quite a challenge. So, when you get that machine rolling, it’s extremely rewarding.

In 2021, there are hundreds of lead generation tools to choose from, and naturally, some are built better than others. Furthermore, many of them no longer provide the same ROI as they once did due to overused strategies and a lack of further innovation.

Add as many of these 20 lead generation tools to your marketing toolbox as you can in order to grow your business in 2021.

Instagram Marketing Tips from Digital Agencies

The best Instagram marketing tips come from top-performing digital agencies. As an agency, you need to produce results in order to retain, grow, and deliver high-profit margins for clients.

And the benefits of having a strong Instagram marketing game for attracting new agency clients are undeniable.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users, 500 million of which use features like Stories every day to quickly update their followers.

So, how can you best use Instagram to make money for both your clients and your agency? Start with these 14 Instagram marketing tips from top digital agencies.

how to sell products online using chatbots

Chatbots are the hot marketing tool in online business because a well-programmed chatbot is a 24/7 sales assistant for your business.

Engagement is the name of the game in today’s world of fast-paced digital marketing, and selling with chatbots can give you an edge, as there is nothing more engaging for your customers than having a live chat.

Selling with chatbots can also help you gain extra insight into consumer behavior, as your chatbots can store the responses it gets so that you can enhance your ecommerce success.

In this article, we’ll review the super-effective secrets to selling with chatbots with digital agency founder Isaac Rudansky of AdVenture Media. Isaac’s agency uses paid advertising, conversion optimization, content marketing and chat marketing to help clients sell more online.

Learn specifically how to sell products online using chatbots like Isaac’s agency does for clients like Forbes Magazine and Sofamania.

How To Increase Engagement on Facebook

Organic posts reach just 5.5% of Page followers, a drop of 2.2% in the last year. This has caused an increased motivation to use tools like Stories, groups, Messenger, and ads to make your content more visible.

Luckily, plenty of marketing professionals continue to keep up with Facebook and have found new ways of maintaining and increasing engagement rates with their audience.

So, if you’re looking for the best tactics to increase engagement on Facebook in 2021, check out these ten actionable ways to get the job done.

Marketing Automation for Agencies

Marketing automation for agencies is a key differentiator to impressing clients, winning new business, and scaling your agency.

In fact, 79% of top-performing agency leaders reported using marketing automation tools for 3-years or more.

There are many marketing functions that can be automated, such as sending automated messages, lead scoring, lead qualification, or publishing content on social media.

Check out the 15 different marketing automation software platforms in this article in order to save time, reduce overhead, and increase marketing ROI for both you and your clients.

SMS Marketing Statistics

When compiling the 60 absolute best SMS marketing statistics we could find, we didn’t cut any corners. Meaning we zeroed in on why SMS marketing is a rapidly growing channel, as opposed to boring you with stats about how many people have a mobile phone, or how many texts get sent every day – it’s a lot, and we already knew that.

In this article, we focus on the text message marketing statistics that matter most to businesses and their marketing, sales, and customer support teams. Additionally, we cover why your customers want companies to text them, as well as how effective and efficient SMS marketing really is.

By the time you’re done reading through all 60 SMS marketing statistics, you should either be asking yourself why your company isn’t already engaging with your audiences via SMS/MMS, or why you’re not sending more SMS text messages to customers.

marketing agency growth hacks

Most marketing agencies go nowhere. Even fewer achieve scale. So should you be leveraging growth hacks for your digital agency?

The answer should be: Why wouldn’t you be trying to grow your digital agency?

The number one excuse that holds Donkey agencies back from the wonderful world of Unicorn Agency Land is that they “don’t want to be a big agency.” Some marketing agencies will claim that they are a boutique agency. This typically translates to: “My marketing agency is stuck, and I don’t know how to scale it.”

Scale your agency and learn from the best with these marketing agency growth hacks and how to reduce customer churn in 2021.

Facebook Messenger Greeting

And last, but not least, is our top growth marketing article with the most social shares in 2020!

Also known as a Welcome Message, your Facebook Messenger greeting is an automated welcome message that works as a way to ‘break the ice’ and start a conversation.

You can create a custom Messenger greeting for your Facebook Page that will appear in messages and in the Messenger app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

Your Messenger greeting appears when someone begins a conversation with your Page for the first time. Also, note that your Messenger greeting will appear before any messages are sent.

In other words, your Messenger greeting is automatically sent when Facebook Page visitors initiate a chat in Messenger. 

Read this article to learn how to create a great Messenger greeting for your Facebook Page.

Important Next Steps

Looking for more of the top growth marketing articles of 2020? Earlier this year we released our top 10 best digital marketing articles of the Summer for 2020. None of which were included on this list, so there’s plenty more great content to choose from!

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