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The best smart speaker: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple, Sonos & more — 2020 | by Tapaan Chauhan | Dec, 2020

Tapaan Chauhan

The craze of smart speakers is increasing a lot nowadays. It is one of the few essential gadgets to make a home smart. Smart speakers work through the virtual assistant of smartphones. If you have a smart speaker in your house, you can also play music along with turning on the home light through voice command. Not only this, but smart speakers also answer your questions and even tell you the weather conditions along with the latest news. If you, too, are thinking of getting a smart speaker for yourself, then we are telling you about some of the best options.

Coming at the price of around Rs 14,000, this smart speaker is much better than the expensive Apple HomePod and Google Home Max. It can be used for stereo as well as a multi-room audio setup. Now, coming to the features, you can choose whether you want Alexa’s feature or Google Assistant feature during its configuration. The new updated version comes with more memory, an improved processor, and supports Bluetooth LE. Besides, it has excellent sound, deep bass, and supports loads of streaming options, including AirPlay 2. But, its microphones need improvements, especially for Google Assistant.

Bose has launched its new smart wireless speaker (Bose Home Speaker 500) and two smart soundbars (Bose Soundbar 500 and Soundbar 700) in India. These new products have been introduced with Amazon Alexa, and the company has promised that in the future, it will also support voice assistants like Google Assistant and Airplay 2. These devices have been introduced with the company’s mic technology, which can be seen in its headphones and earphones. In a press statement, the company has informed that speakers will be able to listen to voice commands better with the help of this mic technology. This technology uses eight microphone setups custom-designed for near-field and far-field voice pickup. In the Bose Home Speaker 500, two custom drivers have been fitted in different directions. The company believes that it provides better audio quality. This speaker has a button at the top for navigation.

On the other hand, talk about Bose Soundbar 700 and Soundbar 500, the company has its ADAPTiQ technology, which adjusts the soundbar according to the surround. They can be connected to a wireless base module and rear speakers for a full 5.1 sound experience. The Bose Soundbar 700 features Bose DSP, custom low-profile transducers, and QuietPort technology. The company has announced that it gives strong audio quality. Also, a smart universal remote with a soundbar has been provided to control all smart devices.

Amazon has launched three new Echo smart speakers in India. The latest Amazon Echo devices come with fabric design and premium sound. The company’s next-generation Echo speaker is priced at Rs 9,999 in India. In the Echo Plus speaker, the company has given 3-inch woofers. Amazon has introduced this smart speaker in blue, black, gray, and white color options. The new Amazon Echo has a spherical shape and brings features of the Echo Studio at low prices. It has replaced the Echo Plus and includes a Zigbee hub for smart home device connectivity, supports Amazon’s Sidewalk service, gets a Dolby-powered stereo, and a 3-inch woofer.

Along with this, the new Echo Dot speaker watch has been launched with the LED display given shows the time, temperature, timer, and alarm. The company launches Echo Dot at a price of Rs 5,499. The brightness of the LED display given in this speaker is automatically adjusted according to the room’s light condition. It has a brand new Echo Dot and a Kids Edition with features like Reading Sidekick that children can use for reading. Alexa can now learn child profiles and switch to child mode when a child interacts with them.

The Echo Show 10 offers many exciting features. However, the unique selling point is the ability to follow users as they move around the room. Device SVP Dave Limp pointed out that it does this by tracking people’s size and that intelligent movement does not require facial recognition. The 10-inch screen comes with a pre-installed Netflix and ZigBee hub to control smart devices. It also has a wake and wake mode that allows users to monitor events in their homes when they are not there.

Google Home Mini is very similar to Amazon Echo Dot in terms of design, feature, size, and sound quality. Due to coming with Google Assistant Support, it gives you news, weather information, and other updates. Talking about the price, you can buy it for Rs 3,499.

Apple’s HomePod is the first smart speaker to work on Siri. Its sound quality is quite good. Coming at a price of Rs 21,000, this smart speaker automatically adjusts the sound output according to the room. However, it has some limitations. If you ask to play music from it, it will play the same songs on Apple’s music service. Along with this, only those devices that come with Apple Home Kit support give voice command control.

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