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Responds Wisely, Chatbot Also Needs a Breath. | by Alan Haryu | Jul, 2021

Alan Haryu
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A chatbot is an amazing feature to help handle (temporary) the communication between agents and the users (leads). Especially for the company that doesn’t have enough employe to handle the queue. Using a chatbot, the agent probably has extra breath to life. Perfect!

Unfortunately, replying to the message with a very fast response sometimes doesn’t good. Some people feel scared. When we send them a long text, then they replied with a very fast response with medium-long text. Did they really read our text?

People usually need time to read and reply to the chat. It’s weird when someone replies with very long text more than 100 words just in a second. Are they a typer athlete? Or annoying because it’s spammy?

What I want to emphasize here is the timing for the chatbot to reply to the message. We need to set the delay time for each message to be sent. So the user will feel comfortable chatting with our bot, like chatting with humans.

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The delay time really depends on the number of words and the average reading/typing speed. Usually, the average reading speed of adults is 250–300 words per minute or you could say 4–5 words per second. While the typing speed itself is usually 2 seconds per word or it can be longer. For elders, we can add a few seconds longer. Keep in mind, by giving a delay time, we still need to have a wise (agile) response. Remember, there are also some interventions such as a connection issue that can affect the delay time.

The delay time feature can be found in some chatbots such as MessageBird. They have powerful features for this. In addition, technically, the delay time can also help us cope if there is a miss order bubble in our chatbot.

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