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How to add messages with buttons on Botsociety

When we design a conversation we think about different paths and branches that the conversation may follow. While we used to automatically create these paths from messages with buttons, you can now choose how your message with buttons gets added on Botsociety.

See the complete tutorial here:

Start choosing how to add messages with buttons

When adding a message with buttons, we now give you the option of choosing how you want to organize your conversation flow after the buttons are added.
Messages with buttons can be:

  • Carousels with buttons: Cards that include images, text, buttons
  • Buttons: Specific options the user can pick, sometimes with some accompanying text
  • Quick replies: Pre-made text options that the customer to choose from.


When adding one of these message types, we now prompt you to pick the best option for path creation for your use case.The options are as follows:

  • Each choice should have its own path: This can be used when you’re designing different use cases inside one design, and the conversation following each of the choices will be different and will be built independently.
  • All choices lead to the same message; no new paths will be added: This can be used when you want to design the same experience no matter which choice the user selects. An example of this is adding items to cart, which will result in the user paying, no matter which option the user picks.
    Options Modal - All options lead to the same path
  • The first choice is added in the current path; the other ones get new paths: This option is the classic happy path and unhappy path scenario. You can use it to continue designing your current path (happy path) if the first option is selected, and create a new path for the other options. The other options could be unhappy paths that you can connect back to the main path.
    Options Modal - Follow the happy path and an option for repair path


This new feature will allow you to create your conversations in a faster and easier way, by choosing what happens to your messages with buttons as you add them. Simply think about your use case and choose the best option for it. Try it now in Botsociety.


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