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Which Data Annotation Companies are Best to Provide NLP and Transcription Services ? | by Roger Brown

Data annotation companies are basically involved in annotating the different types of data available in the various formats like text, images and videos etc. And the data annotation process is done to create the training datasets for machine learning and AI model developments.

And there are many data annotation companies offering this service for AI companies as per their training data requirements and affordability. Cogito is one of the data annotation companies offers the image annotation services for different types of machine learning and AI models.

Data annotation companies also provide NLP annotation for all types of language based AI models. Cogito is the right platform for the AI companies to bridge this gap by employing natural language processing annotation solution for wide-ranging needs like speech recognition, sentiment analysis, virtual assistance and chatbots.

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Cogito is the data annotation company but also provides the transcription service to transcribe the data from one format to another format with best level of accuracy. It can transcribe the audio or video in any language to written text or other desired formats while ensuring the privacy of the data. OCR transcription with end-to-end data handling service offered by skilled professionals at Cogito.

It is one the well-known data annotation company providing the annotation service and transcription service as per the customize requirements. It can annotate any type of data including NLP with ability transcribe the information from one format to another format with extra precision.

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