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How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Make a Design

You can now use keyboard shortcuts on Botsociety to design faster and more efficiently. Make a new path, add messages, switch from bot to user, add utterances, and more – all at the click of your keyboard. See the tutorial and read this blog post to know more about this amazing feature!

What are shortcuts and why you should use them?

A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys that, when pressed simultaneously, perform some task that ordinarily requires use of a mouse or other input device and may take longer to do. Some reasons you should use them are:

  • Save time: Avoid reaching for the mouse to do simple and repetitive tasks. Learn the shortcut for that action and be more efficient and productive.
  • Multitasking: Once you know them and use it regularly you will be able to easily navigate through your tasks and resolve them quickly.
  • Health: Yes, it can help you prevent RSI (Repetitive Syndrome Injury). Many people develop RSI by doing a repetitive task– like resting the heel of your palm on the desk and raising your fingers to use the mouse.

Use keyboard shortcuts in Botsociety

When designing, you can access to the list of available shortcuts by clicking in the at the top right question mark button and then choosing the Shortcuts option.

However, here we mention the most popular:

  • Zoom in and out: ⌘ or Ctrl + Scroll Wheel
  • Reset zoom: ⌘ or Ctrl + 0
  • Move around the canvas: Space bar + Drag and Drop
  • Add Message: ⌘ Enter or Ctrl + Enter
  • Change Message Side: ⌘ + . or Ctrl + Alt + .
  • Add Path: ⌘ or Ctrl + p
  • Add Utterance: ⌘ or Ctrl + ]
  • Play Message: ⌘ or Ctrl + d
  • Build mode: ⌘ or Ctrl + b

If you want to see all keyboard shortcuts available in Botsociety click here.


Use the keyboard shortcuts in Botsociety to save time and focus on the important tasks. We have shortcuts for the most used tasks, but if you think we should add one let us know in our forum!


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