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How to Use Animations Feature on Botsociety

There’s a new useful update in Botsociety: Animations. We added them in the official presets: SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and Facebook Messenger. Do you want to know what they are and how to use them? See the tutorial and read this blog post for all the information!

Intro to Animations

You can use the animations feature added in the presets to see how the bot-user conversation flows. Among these is the entry animation Push Notification, that works as the entry point to the bot-user interaction.

We also included Apple Business Chat animations, such as the Apple Pay, List Picker, Time Picker and more. In Botsociety, the animations are attached by default on these message types, but you’re able to deactivate them or change the active animation through the animations residual menu. They can be seen when you preview your design on the interactive or video preview, and on the video download.

Start using the Animations feature

To start using this feature, select the option Entry animation: Push notification from the message type dropdown when you begin the conversation.

Then you will have to fill out the fields Sender number and the text you want the user to see in the notification. You can use the same text for the first message, as it will be the text the user will see first in the conversation. You can attach the animations on message types in both iOS and Android devices, you just need to click on the icons on the top to see how it will look in each case.

Entry animations for IOs and Android

Apple Business Chat Platform

Apple Business Chat provides a big selection of responsive message types, like List Picker, Time Picker, Apple Pay and more.
Apple Business Chat Platform

In Botsociety we’ve added animations so you can see how these messages show up.
For example:

  • List Picker: It’s an overlay that shows up and the user has to select one option from many to move on with the conversation. You will see the fields and instructions on how to complete the general information and each item individually. You can create up to six different options.
  • Apple Business Chat Platform - List Picker Animation

  • Apple Pay: You can also preview how it this feature would look like. You have to complete the fields asked: Picture, Item Name and Price.
  • Apple Business Chat Platform - Apple Pay Animation


    Try the Animations feature in Botsociety to see the entry points of the conversation between the user and the bot. There a different options you can choose from and it can be used in multiple platforms. Try now for free!


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