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How to Succeed With Google Posts: What We Learned From Analyzing Over 1,000 Google Posts

Wondering how to make your Google posts perform better? In this case study, we wanted to find out what types of posts performed the best and manually analyzed over 1000 posts from a variety of different small businesses. For the full video of this presentation plus several others, check out our videos on demand from LocalU in April. In this study, we looked at both clicks according to Google My Business (GMB), and clicks and conversions inside Google Analytics (by using UTM codes).

Guide to Google My Business Posts:

  1. What type of Google post performs best?
  2. Should GMB posts have titles and should they be all caps?
  3. Should GMB posts include emojis?
  4. What to include in GMB post images
  5. What to post about on GMB?


If you want your posts to perform better:

  1. COVID posts and offer posts get more clicks than event posts and update posts. (Click to Tweet)
  2. Make sure your post has a title that is not all caps. (Click to Tweet)
  3. Google posts that contain images which are not stock photos get 5.6x more clicks. (Click to Tweet)
  4. Google posts which contained emojis got twice as many clicks as those without. (Click to Tweet)
  5. If you want more activity from Google posts, include a call-to-action, a sense of urgency, and post about specials or discounts. (Click to Tweet)

What type of Google Post performs best?

There are 4 different Google My Business post types that you can use in the GMB dashboard:

1. COVID Posts

This is the newest post type and is different than the others because it shows up way higher in the knowledge panel.
This post type is text-only (no image) and actually replaces your posts carousel so if you use this type – don’t bother making any other posts as they won’t show up anywhere. The posts stay live for 28 days and then disappear. It also gets displayed prominently on the Google Maps app unlike any other post type.
GMB Posts: Google Maps

2. Event Posts

These are posts that allow you to set a date range for how long you want the post to stay live.

3. Offer Posts

These look similar to event posts but contain a tag icon and a “view offer” call-to-action. They also let you set the date range that you want the post to stay live for.
GMB Posts: Offers

4. Update Posts

This was the default/original post type and historically used to stay live for 7 days. This changed in January 2021 and now the posts stay live on your knowledge panel for 183 days (6 months). After 6 months, they get hidden under a little “view previous updates” link as shown below.
GMB Posts: New Versus Old Style of Google My Business Posts on SERP

When we measured the performance of the 4 different post types, the two types that performed the best were COVID posts and offer posts. The worst-performing type was the update post type.

Post Type# of PostsClicks (GMB)Clicks (GA)Conversions

We realized that update posts used to only show live for 7 days (in 2020) so we thought maybe that was hurting the number of clicks they received. We decided to calculate a click-through rate by dividing clicks by views. Doing this showed that update posts & event posts were still the worst performing post in terms of click-through rate.

Post Type# of PostsClicks (GMB)ViewsCTR

Should your Google My Business Posts have titles?

GMB Posts: Titles

When we looked at posts with titles compared to posts without titles, we found that posts with titles got almost twice the clicks and double the conversions.

Title# of PostsClicks (GMB)Clicks (GA)Conversions

Should GMB post titles be in all-caps?

GMB Posts: Titles in All Caps CTR
If you do include a title, make sure it is not in all-caps. We found that posts that had normal capitalization for the titles got almost twice as many clicks.

All Caps Title# of PostsClicks (GMB)

Should GMB Posts contain emojis?

Another thing we looked at in the study was if posts that contained emojis, outperformed posts without them.
GMB Posts: Emojis
Posts that contained emojis got twice as many clicks according to Google My Business insights and also got more conversions.

Emojis# of PostsClicks (GMB)Clicks (GA)Average Conversions

What to include in the GMB Post’s image

The first thing we looked at with images in posts was if text in the image itself performed better than images without text.

GMB Posts: Images with Text
Photos that contained text in them got almost 4x the clicks compared to photos with no text.

All Caps Title# of PostsClicks (GMB)

Next, we looked at if the photo contained a logo.

Post with Logo

For this one, we saw no measurable difference between the posts that contained logos vs the ones without.

Logo# of PostsClicks (GMB)

Finally, we wanted to see how stock photos compared with unique photos that had been customized.
GMB Posts: Stock Photos
Should you use stock photos in GMB Posts? As we expected, stock photos did not perform nearly as well. Posts that did not have stock photos got 5.6x more clicks.

Stock Photo# of PostsClicks (GMB)

What should you post about on GMB?

We often get people asking what types of content they should include in their Google posts. For this study, we broke out the types of posts into several categories.

The GMB Post types that got the most activity were:

  1. Posts about specials or discounts.
  2. Posts containing a call-to-action. For example, including “contact us today” in the image or post title.
  3. Posts containing a sense of urgency. For example, highlighting that you offer same-day appointments for a dentist.

The full list of categories is listed below. Posts could fall into multiple categories if they applied.


Type# of PostsClicks (GMB)
Sense of Urgency252.68
We are Open981.93
Awards or USP471.36
Who we Are1061.03


For the full video of this presentation plus several others, check out our videos on demand from LocalU in April, 2021.

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