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10 Bootstrap Ways to Grab More of Your Service Area in Local Search

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You’re probably frustrated by the puny patch of land in which you rank for anything.  How can you grab at least a little more of your service area?

It takes work, but you can rank in (and get more business from) places beyond the one city or few towns where you rank today.  Those gains will happen mostly in the local organic results, but most strategies can drag your Google Maps rankings along, too.

Here’s a video of my talk at the recent Whitespark Local Search Summit, hosted by Darren Shaw.  It’s called “10 Bootstrap Ways to Grab More of Your Service Area in Local Search,” and I hope it gives you some doable ideas for how to do exactly that.

If you want a handy reference, or if you don’t need my color commentary or the Q&A at the end, here is a one-page cheat sheet I put together.  If there’s a suggestion you’re unclear on, you can always find the part of my presentation where I explain it a bit.

Darren and the Whitespark crew did an excellent job of hosting the event.  Because it’s 2020, the whole thing was online.  I’m sure in time it will become an in-person conference, of the kind for which we used to hit the trail.

One benefit of the virtual setup is everything was recorded, so you can watch all the presentations.  I’ve watched many of them, and can say that there is a ton of practical info you can apply to your business.  You just need to buy a pass, but those are inexpensive and money well-spent on your business.

What’s been most helpful for you to expand your rankings?

What hasn’t worked out as well as you thought it would?

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