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Wistia Status – New Accessible Player enabled

Today we have enabled the New Accessible Player for all accounts.

Prior to today, these updates had to be enabled via Account Beta flags in your Account Settings. Now, it’s automatically available to everyone!

Here’s a rundown of the updates which you can read more about here.

Updating our player’s appearance
First, we increased the opacity of the control buttons and eliminated the transparency of the progress bar. These changes might seem subtle, but they will make a big difference in the experience for those with limited or low vision. Plus, our new default player is designed to work well with screen readers and other assistive tools right out of the gate.

Making accessibility part of your brand
Another change we made was increasing the player’s color contrast. Doing so makes the controls easier to identify for people with low vision. But, oftentimes these high-contrast color combinations are jarring — easier to see, but not necessarily pleasing to look at. That’s why we designed our high-contrast color-picker to do both: offer on-brand, visually appealing high-contrast color combinations that both align with WCAG AA 2.1 guidelines and deliver an optimal viewing experience.

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