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Title Tags for Local SEO: Increase Your Local Traffic and Click Through Rate

So this business here, their title tag is actually Angels Moving Company in Vancouver | Fast, Friendly, Professional Movers

Fast, friendly, professional movers, that’s what you want to catch. You want them to see that. But it’s been cut off because Angel’s moving company in Vancouver, they’re stuffing those keywords in the beginning and it’s actually taking up space, removing those sort of compelling words. And so, this is where you’ve got to think about what is going to fit in the search results. 

Okay, with this in mind, how can I make Jim’s title tag even better? We had all the keywords in it. Now let’s make it catchy. I’ve updated his title tag, to Jim’s Plumbing in Salem, OR – Plumbers You Can Trust and Count On.

So I’ve got plumbing, Salem, Oregon – that’s his primary market that he’s targeting, and “plumbers you can trust and count on”. (Now on gets cut off, but I actually kind of like it. Because it’s like, oh, well, what’s next I want to read what’s next. The ellipses is actually, I think, providing some interest to continue reading. I think people can maybe fill in the blank too.) 

It’s also noteworthy that on mobile, the full title tag would actually get displayed or more of the title tag will often get displayed. If I switch to mobile, I can see – Jim’s Plumbing in Salem, OR – Plumbers You Can Trust and Count On – Service In (I’ve got service in Dallas, Morningside, Hayesville, Four Corners, etc.) But I also know that these other terms are very important. So I want to target emergency, I want to target plumbing companies repair, and near me. So I’ve added even this to the end, Emergency Plumbing Companies and Repair Near Me. This, I believe is a wonderful title tag for Jim.

Jim’s Plumbing in Salem, OR –  Plumbers You Can Trust and Count On – Service In Dallas, Morningside, Hayesville, Four Corners – Emergency Plumbing Companies and Repair Near Me

 Jim, if you’re watching, you’re welcome.

Alright, to wrap it up, I’ve got a quick summary of the tips. 

  1. Add the highest value keywords. 
  2. Add main locations to target.
  3. Make it catchy. Stands out and drive more clicks.
  4. Don’t worry about the length of it, you’ve got lots of space after the ellipsis.
  5. You probably don’t need to add your brand name. 

I hope this helps you write your title tags. In the future if you’re looking for professional software and services to improve your rankings and local search visibility, we have all kinds of software and services available at Whitespark. 

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