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How to Use the Comments Feature on Botsociety

Take team collaboration on Botsociety designs to the next level using our comment mode! Leave or receive comments on your designs, so you’re able to iterate on designs faster. Share feedback with your team or leave notes for later in comment threads by clicking on the comment mode and hovering over a message, then clicking on the comment button. Check out our tutorial to learn more.

Start using the comments feature

To start using it, all you have to do is click on the comments icon at the bottom of the left column to activate comment mode. Comment mode allows you to hover over a message and click on the comment button. To turn off comment mode, click on the comment icon again to deactivate it.

Comments Feature Botsociety

Collaborative design

This feature gives you the opportunity to work with your team in the same design in an organized way. You can use it for feedback, brainstorming, planning, etc.
Every team member registered in Botsociety can comment and reply to other comments. Every user also has the ability to edit their own comments or resolve comment threads when necessary.

When you share the design with your teammates you can give them permission to edit it or just view, but in both cases they will be able to leave comments if they are logged in.

Very soon you will be able to tag another user in the comments in order for them to get an email notification.


A conversational experience requires input from different teams and parts of your organization. Try the comments feature with your team now in Botsociety


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