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How to Get Review Notifications When You Manage Over 100 Google My Business Listings

If you manage more than 100 listings inside your Google My Business dashboard, Google stops sending you email alerts when you get new reviews.  What you select as your settings has no influence on this.  Since we manage over 100 listings in our account, we found a workaround to make sure we were getting these notifications for our clients.

Since this automatic setting is based on the number of listings that a particular account manages, the key is to split up the listings into smaller groups using other emails that you have access to.  The following steps will help you accomplish that so you can start getting email alerts again.

  1. Sign up for a new Gmail and call it something like xyznotifications@gmail.com so you’ll remember what it’s for.
  2. Go into Gmail and edit the settings to have that email forward all emails to whoever you want to get the notifications.
  3. Go into the GMB dashboard and (if you haven’t already), create location groups and make sure no location group has more than 100 listings in it. This part is crucial because if you let it get over 100, this strategy will stop working.
  4. Edit the settings for the location group and add the new Gmail you set up as user.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other location groups. Make sure you do not add the same email to multiple groups unless the total listings is under 100.
    How to get review notifications
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