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What Everybody Ought to Know About Events & Google My Business

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How to deal with events in your knowledge panel

Google sometimes shows events in the Knowledge Panel for businesses, like this example for Folly Farm:

Where do they show up?

According to Krystal Taing, These were temporarily removed in 2020 due to COVID.  They only show up now on Google search and not at all on Google Maps or the Google Maps app.  They were removed from Google Maps in March 2020.

Where does Google get event details from?

Events show up generally because they are scraped from the website and automatically added to the knowledge panel.  There are lots of opportunities for this to go wrong which is why we suggest constantly monitoring it.  In this example, a business owner had their competitors showing up in this section on their knowledge panel.

What to do if there is an incorrect event in your knowledge panel

Sometimes Google will remove incorrect events if you contact GMB support. In this example, a business owner was able to get one removed that was pointing to a hacked website that had completely incorrect information on it.

Tim Capper has written a couple of articles on this feature and how to influence it.

Does an event qualify for a Google My Business listing

A little-known fact is that sometimes an event can qualify for a Google My Business (GMB) listing.  This was brought up to the Google My Business team sometime around 2017 (I can’t recall the exact year) and was also brought up to the Google Maps team by several product experts there.  To qualify to have a GMB listing for an event, the main criteria Google would need are:

  1. The event needs to re-occur annually (or more frequently)
  2. There has to be some history of the event.  For example, if you said to Google “I’m starting this new event and we’re definitely going to do it every year” you will have a harder time convincing them of that when compared to an event that has already been happening once a year for a few years.
  3. The event has to always be at the same location (the location used for the address on Google Maps).

An example of an event that would qualify for a listing would be the Toronto Auto Show ( or the Pride parade.


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