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How Do You Get a Branded Google Map Pin? 5 Facts to Know

Updated on June 2, 2021

We have seen a big increase lately in the amount of branded map pins that exist on Google Maps.  I was told by several people that they were a part of Google’s local campaigns but didn’t see any mention of them in the help center and very little information on how you qualify for a local campaign.  Luckily Kyle Harris from DAC Group was able to get me some answers about these pins and how to get them.

Branded map pins are a paid feature.

Yep, sorry guys, you need to pay Google to get this feature.  It’s not free.  It is part of their local campaigns product with Google Ads.

They don’t give you a permanent branded pin.

For example, A&W has a branded pin on the Google Maps app but on desktop it shows up as a normal pin.  I’m assuming this is due to the ad settings.

Branded pins are accompanied by purple ad in the Knowledge Panel

When you click on the business with the branded pin, you’ll see an ad in the Knowledge Panel.


Google recommends a budget of $100 a day as your ad spend

Google used to have a requirement for businesses to have a $1,000/day budget but this is no longer the case.  Kyle Harris’ Google rep said:

’The recommended budget is still $1000/day but campaigns can drive traffic on a smaller budget. With a smaller budget, it’s not guaranteed you’ll receive significant volume. Based on past experience, I’d recommend at least $100 per location for campaigns running on less than $1000/day.’’



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