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This Week In Web Design – October 15, 2021

We’ve come to mid-October (already?) and since it’s Friday that means it’s time for another edition of our weekly roundup of web design and development related articles that were published in the past seven days. Ready … set … GO!

Exciting New Tools For Designers, October 2021 | Webdesigner Depot

There are some spook-tacular finds in this month’s October collection of resources and tools for designers and developers. From interesting tools that can help in the design process to boo-tiful typefaces, there’s something for everyone here. Here’s what is new for designers this month… Atropos Atropos is a lightweight, open-source JavaScript library to create touch-friendly, […]

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7 Ways to Design for the Unexpected

What just happened? Why doesn’t that work? Does this look funny to you? These are all questions you don’t want users to ask when interacting with your website design. But inevitably, they will. The unexpected happens all the time online. From users changing settings on their devices to…

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Myths about Web Accessibility :: Blog :: Alvaro Montoro

Web Accessibility is a must in every web development project, yet it seems to remain a mystery for many web developers. Like it’s something legendary instead of an essential skill needed for the job. There are many misconceptions surrounding Web Accessibility, most of the time fueled by a lack of knowledge (or interest) in the matter. This article is a collection of some of those accessibility misconceptions or myths. :: Blog post at Alvaro Montoro’s Personal Website.

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10+ Best Adobe XD Plugins 2022

Are you looking for ways to supercharge your workflow and make the most of your Adobe XD experience? Then you must try these Adobe XD plugins. In this post, we look at some of the best Adobe XD plugins you can use to add cool new features to the UI/UX design software to improve productivit…

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‘The Autofill Dark Pattern — Smashing Magazine’ /

A “dark pattern” is a deceptive UX pattern that tricks users into doing things they may not really want to do. In this article, Alvaro Montoro does a little experiment to find out how much privacy is taken away from users across three different browsers.

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11 Must-Follow Web Design Blogs | Webdesigner Depot

Need inspiration for an upcoming web design project? Want to learn how to add live chat functionality to your site, or which trends you should be aware of as you pursue new projects? Leading web design blogs could be the solution to your problems. Just as marketers follow posts on websites like Search Engine Land […]

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Indy: A Freelancing Platform With Everything in One Place

Freelancers rely on tools to help make work-life easier. That’s especially true for tools that relate to running your business – the less creative part of the job. Indy is an all-in-one freelancing platform packed with the tools you need to get work done. It helps you out with everythi…

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Spooky Halloween Typography for 2021 – SpyreStudios

The season’s web design theme would not be complete without spooky Halloween typography. Typography is a trendy way to use text and fonts to convey creativity. Some designers use witty lines to create a dramatic effect, while others simply use fonts to create an aesthetic. In doing Halloween-themed designs, designers could do both. 

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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Website’s CX | Webdesigner Depot

Many markets are saturated with competition; it’s no surprise that customers are expecting top-of-the-line experiences. Businesses must keep up with these ever-changing demands to remain competitive and drive forward. One way to ensure customers have positive experiences is to take a look at your website. Your website is like your digital headquarters, where customers can […]

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‘Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges — Smashing Magazine’ /

Writing CSS has probably never been more fun and exciting than it is today. In this post we’ll take a look at common problems and use cases we all have to face in our work and how to solve them with modern CSS. If you’re interested, we’ve also just recently covered [CSS auditing tools](, [CSS generators](, [front-end boilerplates]( and [VS code extensions]( — you might find them useful, too.

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