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This Week In Web Design – November 13, 2020

It’s Friday the 13th, and that means it’s time for another edition of our weekly roundup of web design and development related articles that were published around the web in the past seven days. Let’s dive in!

Who is a UX Engineer Specifically

UX Engineers have unique design roles and serve the vital purpose of developing components. UX Engineers bridge the gap between design and development, with a focus on the user.

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4 key learnings from an experienced React developer

Today I was reflecting on what I learned in the last few years, specifically related to programming and computer science. It is fair to say that I explored many new things — IoT, computer vision, deep learning, blockchain development, and more on the programming side. I was thinking of making a series of posts about …

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Seasonal CSS • WPShout

I love this little CSS stylesheet to give you a simple but pleasant little change of color on your site throughout the days of a year. James Stanley’s little project is a better-version of some of the first WordPress code I ever wrote, so the concept is very near to my heart.

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Usability Testing Guide – Boxes and Arrows

Usability testing is a core component of User Centered Design and can be used at any stage in the process. It provides valuable insight into the mind of the user, giving us a better understanding of users’ mental models, and it helps to highlight issues that might negatively impact the experience, while also pointing to … Continue reading Usability Testing Guide

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5 Ways Designers Can Master Digital Drawing

To draw or not to draw — that is the question, and it’s a controversial one among designers. Some say it isn’t mandatory for designers to know how to draw nowadays, but others maintain that it’s a must-have skill for every artist. Famous concept artist Bryant Koshu shares these vie…

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