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The Most Popular Local Search Blogs

As mentioned above, one of Mike Blumenthal’s posts – “Google Testing (Or Rolling Out?) New 3-Pack Carousel” – was broadly shared and gained a large number of links. This article is the most linked-to local SEO article, even after we do adjustments for some domains sending unusually high numbers of links.

Overall, the list is dominated by Moz (Local) with most posts written by Miriam Ellis, and by Sterling Sky (written mostly by Joy Hawkins and Colan Nielsen). Of the top 30 posts, only 7 were not published on either of these two blogs. After Mike’s article, the most linked-to non-Moz and non-Sterling-Sky article was Whitespark’s “2020 Local Search Ranking Factors Presentation” (written by Darren Shaw) which ranked 19th, followed by GatherUp’s “Do Consumers Support Businesses Requiring Masks?” (written by Mike Blumenthal) which ranked 20th, and BrightLocal’s “Google My Business Photos: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Good Online” (written by Jamie Pitman) which ranked 23rd.


There is an abundance of information about local SEO topics available. However, that abundance means that an uninitiated person can easily get confused and overwhelmed. It’s important to understand which sources of information provide the best value. Links received from external sites and public (social media) mentions are the closest we can get to objective metrics.

Based on our research findings, the Local section of Moz is by far the most linked and shared source of local SEO information. The two likely go hand-in-hand: higher popularity results in broader visibility, which in turn results in higher likelihood of links and references. This doesn’t undermine the quality of posts the Moz Local team, led by Miriam Ellis, consistently produces.

Out of the local SEO specific blogs, Sterling Sky emerged the undisputed leader. They achieved their impressive scores in the two categories across a total of 52 posts published during the observation period. Of these, 7 made it to the list of the top 20 “must-read” posts of the year out of over 750 total posts.

Behind Moz (Local) and Sterling Sky, a few blogs scored similar results across the analyzed categories – Bright Local, Whitespark, Local Visibility System, and Local SEO Guide. GatherUp’s blog was dragged down mainly by webinar recap posts, which saw relatively few links and limited social activity associated with them.

The wildcard was Blumenthal’s, which would have scored very high if more articles were published on the site. Local SEO information zealots can always follow Mike Blumenthal on GatherUp’s blog.

Local SEO industry experts continue to share a wealth of information freely. I truly hope that this practice continues for many years to come. What is your favorite source of local SEO related information? Share in the comments below!

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