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Certified Workshops

Get Certified in Conversational UX & NLP/NLU Development from Top Industry Experts

Certified Conversational Design / NLP Workshop

We have both Live and On-Demand Certified Workshops

Upcoming Live Workshops

  • Dates: May 25–27, 2021
  • Taught By: Conversational Design Institute, CoCoHub, BotCopy & Google
  • Project: Design, Develop & Launch an FAQ bot that can interact with a database.

Conversational UX Certified Workshop

Dialogflow/NLP Certified Workshop


  • Overview, what makes a great enterprise chatbot?
  • Intro to NLU frameworks (Google Dialogflow) and Botcopy
  • Establishing an ROI / data-driven mindset before you build!

Build Your Enterprise Chatbot

  • Intro to Dialogflow/Botcopy stack: Response types & components
  • Writing & Design: Fine-tuning your bot’s style to boost engagement
  • Coding and Webhooks: Backend fulfillment in Dialogflow
  • Conversational Websites: Window triggers, ref parameters and more
  • Authentication: Passing JWTs for personalized & secure tasks
  • Data collection Deep Dive

On-Demand Certified Workshops

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Save 25% Use Discount Code: 2021

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