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This Week In Web Design – July 16, 2021

This past week we have had a variety of web design and development related articles covering topics such as freelancing, JavaScript, Tailwind CSS, Python, usability testing, static site generators, UX, and much more. We’ve gathered all that we could find and wrapped them up in this collection for you to peruse.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, July 2021 | Webdesigner Depot

The dog days of summer are here. From vacations to pool time, you might not be thinking about work that much. But there are still plenty of new tools and resources popping up to help you become a better or more efficient designer. Here’s what new for designers this month. Haikei Haikei is a web […]

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Responsive vs. Adaptive Design: Everything You Need to Know

It’s a no-brainer for most website designers that your finished product needs to look and work on every type and size of device. Gone are the days of creating multiple designs to accomplish the same goal. It all comes down to choosing a responsive or adaptive design model to achieve a co…

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10 Cool WordPress Plugins You Should Check Out | Webdesigner Depot

If you have a WordPress website, you’re obviously aware of the benefits this premier open-source website-building platform brings to the table. But are you aware of the legion of website and business enhancement tools lying in wait among the thousands of cool WordPress plugins currently on the market; one or more of which could easily […]

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Designing for the Unexpected

As devices continue to diversify in dizzying ways, how can we make sure our work on the web stays as relevant as ever for the long haul? Cathy Dutton shares how practitioners must design for the un…

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7 Tips for a More Gender-Neutral Design

Are your designs as inclusive as they could be? Do they appeal to all people of all genders equally? While design theory can put a lot of emphasis on creating personas for better user experience and design journeys, they can sometimes not be as inclusive as you might like. Do you get so in…

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A repository of workspaces, items & tools from the creator community.

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The 5 Best Accounting Software for Freelancers (2021 Rankings)

Table of Contents + 1. Bonsai Bonsai Accounting Features Important accounting reports Customized expense categories Shareable accountant access Bonsai Pricing & Other Details Does Bonsai come with a free trial? How much does Bonsai cost? 2. Freshbooks Freshbooks Accounting Features Double-entry accounting Planning & forecasting Pre-payment and overpayment tracking Freshbooks Pricing & Other Details Does […]

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