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Webinar: Build a Watson Discovery app on Red Hat OpenShift | by Mridul Bhandari | Nov, 2020

Mridul Bhandari
Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

Egypt Developer Advocate Karim Deif & UAE Developer Advocate Mridul Bhandari conducted a webinar on Building a Watson Discovery App on Red Hat OpenShift.

There were a total of 38 attendees including developers and students across MEA. The webinar started with a welcome note introducing the audience to IBM Developer Series and was divided into two primary sections, one of the sections briefing the audience about Watson Discovery, Red Hat OpenShift, and another section was the Code Pattern.

1. 3 Tips for your Voice and Chatbot Program from Gartner’s Customer Service Hype Cycle 2020

2. Deploying Watson Assistant Web Chat in Salesforce Lightning Console

3. Are Chatbots Vulnerable? Best Practices to Ensure Chatbots Security

4. Your Path to AI — An IBM Developer Series

The first part was led by Mridul Bhandari. Mridul started it off by introducing Watson Discovery. He then explained about Watson Discovery News, Smart Document Understanding, Monolithic & Microservices Architecture, Virtual Machines, Containers, Kubernetes Resource Model & Red Hat OpenShift Architecture.

The second section of the webinar was conducted by Karim Deif, which was about building the Watson Discovery App on Red Hat OpenShift. He started by showing the attendees how to instantiate Watson Discovery service on IBM Cloud. After this, he deployed a Watson Discovery News App on this service which was later deployed on Red Hat OpenShift.

At the end of the webinar, attendees were introduced to Digital Developer Conference: Data & AI, and IBM Data Science resources which will be shared at the conference. Many of the attendees showed positive feedback and appreciation for the webinar.

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